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Functies - Gevechtssimulator

(Gevechtssimulator voor The Settlers Online - Vragen en opmerking - last update: 2013-04-07 16:31)

Feature List

The simulator is constantly evolving and is enhanced with new features! Here, these functions are collected and presented!


The simulation form

The form of the simulator is quite extensive and offers many features and functions.

  • Input fields for the number of own and enemy units
  • Field, is shown in which the sum of the input units
  • Radio buttons to choose whether to own or enemy units are in a watchtower
  • small brown or blue buttons to select multiple attack waves
  • these little icons have a tooltip that appears when hovering the mouse and gives information about the occupation of the wave
  • Veteran icon to increase the unit limit of 200 to 250 units
  • brown arrows next to the input fields of the number of own units until Limit unit to complement missing units
  • Tabs for selecting the robber-player units or as an opponent
  • Drop-down box to choose adventures
  • Skull icon behind the choice of bearing for island home and the adventure lies
  • Unit tooltip that appears when you hover your mouse over a Einheitenicon and provides information about the characteristics of this unit

Simulate battle

The basic function of the simulator is of course the prediction of a fight. Give to your units and then the units of the enemy, and click on "Simulate battle" for the fight result to be calculated.

  • give your units a
  • Give the units of the opponent's
  • click "simulate struggle" to
  • click "Delete Entry" to reset the form

Produce reliable results

To secure results to produce 1 unit exactly one and the same simulation should be repeated at least 1000 times.

  • click "simulate struggle" again to repeat the simulation
  • per click, 50 additional simulations performed
  • after 1200 simulations, the number of simulations per click increased to 100

The simulation results

The simulation result provides information about ...

  • the minimum, maximum and average losses
  • the raw materials consumed for the fight
  • the number of combat rounds
  • the expected experience points (EP)

Clicking on the number of rounds in addition to the minimal loss opens a histogram of the distribution of Aufkunft battle rounds are.

Additional features are ...

  • the simulations of other users
  • automatically generated links that can be posted in forums, to refer to the simulation
  • The example simulation

The example simulation includes a detailed description of the battle sequence. Click on "Sample simulation" to trace the flow of battle.

Unit limit increase (veteran)

The veteran has the ability to attack with up to 250 units.

  • Click to increase the veteran icon at the top to the next tab for the players to the limit of 200 to 250 units
  • lead from the simulation as usual

Simulations of other users / Hall of Fame

The simulations of other users and the Hall of Fame contain all the simulations, were carried out from other users already selected for the camp.

  • it only simulations are listed that have been executed at least 200 times
  • the table is in descending order by the minimum losses of the enemy and then after maximum loss of value (gold coins) to own units sorted
  • Some columns are sortable by clicking on the column header
  • By clicking on "Renew Now" is the list and the Hall of Fame updated
  • through a filter, the display of the simulations are filtered by their own units
  • There is another way to get to the simulations of other users.

    • Give the units of the enemy in the simulator
    • Click "simulate struggle" to
    • You will be redirected to the simulations of other users

Find optimal attackers

The Hall of Fame is probably the most powerful tool of the simulator. Once you've entered the enemy units in the simulator, You are immediately displayed under the optimal simulator configurations that result from the simulations of other users.

  • optimal constellation of forces are
  • immediately available
  • accurate to 1 unit
  • easy to filter
    • use the Quick Filter
    • or enter your own units one to further limit the number of units up

The legend at the Hall of Fame provides information about the shortcuts used in the display.

Find constellation with the greatest possible number of rounds

To find a combination attack with the highest possible number of rounds of combat, can also be used in the Hall of Fame.

  • Give the units of the opponent's
  • scroll down to the Hall of Fame
  • Click "Full size" to return to a full screen display of the Hall of Fame go to
  • sort the column for the number of rounds

Simulation of multiple waves

The simulator allows to simulate waves simultaneously to 5.

  • choose the wave of the points in the form of their own units
  • Give the units for the selected wave a
  • click "simulate struggle" to in order to simulate the waves
  • for the next wave, the accepted minimum losses of the enemy, the worst-case estimate

Selection of an adventure

To perform simulations against units of the adventures, you need the Adventure first select the drop down box top right of the enemy units.

Hostile camps choose

To charge the enemy camp in the simulator in order to save the entry by hand, there are several possibilities:

  • Click first on the right side of the skull form of the enemy units
  • loaded from the camp by clicking on the enemy units in the drop down tab
  • or click on VAT (Map) to open the adventure map
  • invite the camp by clicking on the appropriate camp robbers in the simulator

Adventure Maps

The adventure cards provide an overview of the island adventure.

  • when driving over a camp with the mouse a tooltip will appear with the stock Instrumentation
  • highlighted in white are normal storage warehouse
  • are marked in red camp Captain Storage
  • By clicking on the camp you will return to the simulator and the units of the camp will be preloaded into the simulator

To create a link that calls upon the enemy units at the call of the links in the simulator, it is necessary to set a specific parameter.

  • execute a simulation, and copy the link generated by the simulation results
  • Unit parameters can be seen on the pattern u_[0-9]+
  • remove all parameters whose number is less than or equal to 10
  • add the parameter no-ref = true to link

Example link:

Simulator complete with their own units

In order to facilitate the entry of its own units, the simulator provides a few functions.

  • in the browsers Chrome, Opera and Safari, the number of units on small arrows to increase or decrease
  • The brown arrow next to the input fields sets the value of the field to the number of remaining until the unit limit (200 or 250) units missing.

The input fields for their own units can also detect a certain pattern.

  • Give example 15R 20S in an input box and click with the mouse anywhere on the screen
  • the fields for recruits and for the soldiers to be filled in accordance with 15 and 20

Please note: This function is not supported by browsers, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Any warranty is excluded.