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System walki - The Settlers Online

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System walki

The combat system of The Settlers Online is a round-based system. The player sends his fitted with additional units in general, camp robbers in nearby sectors to attack and occupy them.

The enemies behave passively, they don't attack the player.

If it comes to battle, to wage war on the selected units of the player and the attacked camp frequently over several rounds of combat, was determined to be a winner.

A combat round

Each combat round consists of 3 phases. In each attack different units.

  • Combat round X
    1. Fast units attack

      C DwW WH
    2. Normal units attack

    3. Slow units attack

      CK MG ST EB

Units that have the ability "First Attack", such as cavalry or guard dog, attack in the phase "Fast units attack". "Slow" units are those which have the ability to "last strike" and attack in the third phase.
All other units that have no access capabilities of the two, attack in the phase "Normal units attack".

All units of a phase, both the player's units and the units of the enemy, attack at the same time. Here, each unit, provided they do not have the ability "splash damage" has to kill a maximum of 1 unit per turn. Excess damage is not the case transferred to the nearest unit, it expires. After each stage, the losses are calculated on both sides and removes the dead units. Then follows the next phase. Is it beyond the third phase still surviving units on both sides, begin a new round of combat.

If there are no units for combat phase, it is simply omitted.

The end of the fight

The battle ends when all units are all units of the player or the enemy camp defeated.

If the player loses, remain in the attacked camp have mostly returned units. If this were wounded in combat, that is, if they have lost life energy, but still alive, they fill their entire life points back.

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Characteristics of the combat system

Each unit has certain attributes and characteristics. To fully understand the combat system, it is important to know these skills and intricacies of the combat system exactly.

Unit sequences

Internally, each unit game is assigned a number that provides information about the order of unity in the fight there. After this order is decided which unit attacked first, and which units from which units can be protected in the fight.

For example, the guard dog has the number 57 and number 58 are the Roughneck, attacked the guard dog in the fight first. Once all the guard dogs are dead, the Roughnecks get their turn. Units that do not comply with this order, are units with the ability to "attack the weakest target". These units pick their opponent is not defined by the order, but for the life of the opponents points. Weak units are attacked by these first.

How do I find out the unit sequences in the camps?

Therefore one must look at the battle report. The easiest way to recognize the unity sequences, if one "takes on the weakest target" a stock of units without the ability to attack, because they attack the opponent right in the desired order.

In the battle simulator, the units are already sorted according to the correct order.

Hit probability

Each unit has a hit probability is determined by the whether the unit scores a direct hit and caused little damage on opponents.

Special Abilities

First strike

Units with this ability will attack in the first phase.

Last strike

Units with this ability will attack in the third phase.

Attacks weakest unit first

Units with this ability to attack the first unit, which has the lowest life.
If there are multiple units with the same number of hit points, the unit is first attacked, the front line (note the unit sequence).

Tower bonus

Some units, like archers get an extra armor bonus, so take less damage per attack, if they are in a tower.

The amount of armor hangs' while on the tower. Watchtowers give these units a bonus of 50%, then halve the damage taken. Increased guard towers on the other hand reduce the damage by 75%.

Splash damage

Units without this ability can only kill a maximum of 1 per attack enemy unit, no matter how much damage they cause. Create units that splash damage to kill as many units per attack, as it enables claims. If the damage, for example, when the unit loses 60HP and attacks recruits with 40 life points, you die in any case, a recruit, and the second 20HP.

Special tactics

Blocks and Locks

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